Finding a job after relocation

Maybe you’re moving across the country for a change of scenery, to be nearer a loved one, through necessity or for a greater choice of career opportunities.

However you frame it; an adventure, a fresh start, a big opportunity, relocating and looking for a new job in a new place can be overwhelming. But you’re not alone. Relocation has been tried and tested successfully by thousands of people, many of whom move without having secured a job first.

Once you find your feet in the new location, start speaking to people for recommendations, local job openings and networking events. Don’t forget to update your social media profiles and join local industry-focused facebook groups to keep in the know. Most importantly, revisit your CV to ensure it’s in good shape.

Whether you’re job seeking in the local papers, using google or getting help from a recruitment agency, it is important to think about the following when deciding on a new job after relocation:

Are the basics right?
Basics can be the length of commute, car parking facilities, transport links, office space, location, pension, amount of holiday and flexible working options. These need to be right for you. Pay is obviously a big factor but make sure you’re happy that other boxes have been ticked too.

Is it a job that you will love?
The idea of loving our job may seem unrealistic for many or unlikely at best, but it is important that your job has the potential to bring you satisfaction and enjoyment. The more enthusiasm you have for the work you do, the more likely you will do a good job, make a difference and progress in your career.

What benefits does the job include?
Find out whether you will get any perks such as extra holiday, bonuses and medical insurance. If the job doesn’t instantly meet your pay criteria, it may make up for it by offering additional services or tax benefits, for example free dental care, a company car or cycle to work schemes.

Does the pay seem reasonable compared to living costs in your new location?
You may have moved from one end of the country to the other where living costs are markedly different to the area you left behind. Whilst the pay may seem equivalent to your previous job, assess whether it meets the cost of living in your new location and if not, whether you can afford to live in the same way on the salary offered.

Is career progression possible?
If professional development and advancing your career is important to you then you should ask whether the company will support your continuing development, offer training and courses and have a serious approach to appraisals and feedback. Suss out whether the job will help you achieve your long term career aims.

What is the culture like?
Ask yourself whether you think you’ll fit in with the environment. Sometimes a gut instinct on a place of work can go far in making your decision.

Do you agree with the employer’s values and ethos?
If you find yourself disagreeing with your employer’s values or sensing a potential clash in outlooks then no matter how wonderful the job seems, this does not bode well for a pleasant working environment or you staying put for long.

What is the staff turnover?
A high staff turnover can indicate an unattractive working environment, unhappy employees or an unsupportive employer, so double check the staff turnover and assess whether you believe the employer promotes a positive work life balance.

What is important to you?
Some things will be more important to you than others, but work out what your priorities are and then ask the questions before you finalise a contract with a new employer.

Need advice?
If the idea of finding a job after relocation still seems daunting, then it can really help to get advice and recommendations from a recruitment agency. Wherever you decide to relocate, or wherever your commitments take you, our team at Focus Resourcing can help you find a job that you love.

If you’ve been with us a while, you’ll know that you always deal with the same member of our team. You won’t need to explain your situation again and again each time you get in touch, as is often the case with other recruitment agencies. You will be looked after by the same dedicated recruitment expert, someone who really gets you.

If you need us again, have any questions, need to change jobs or even relocate again, you will be put in touch with the same team member as before. Due to our impressively high staff retention rate, your relationship with your recruitment specialist will withstand the test of time.

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Finding a job after relocation

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