Agency worker regulations

Upon completion of a qualifying period, the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 give temporary workers the same basic pay and employment conditions as they would have been entitled to had they been recruited by the hirer directly to do the same job. Download our free guide here.

Agency Workers Regulation Guide

Information for temporary

Whether you have questions about timesheets, payroll deadlines, how to book holidays or what to do if you’re off sick while temping, this information sheet will give you all the information you need.

Information for temporary workers


What should I do when I want to book a holiday?

You should communicate directly with the employer you are temping with; completing the necessary holiday request form. Please also keep us informed of any holidays you have agreed with your manager.

What should I do if I am unwell and unable to go to work?

Call your consultant as soon as possible before you are due to start work. We will inform the company for you.

When is the timesheet deadline?

Monday at 2pm following the week of work

When do I get paid?

Weekly in arrears on a Friday

I am on basic rate/emergency tax. What do I do?

This is usually because you haven’t submitted a current P45 form or your new starter information. If you have a P45 from your previous employment from within the current tax year, please give it to your consultant. Otherwise please complete a PAYE: starter checklist. These can be downloaded from HM Revenue and Customs.

Do I get paid for my holidays?

Yes, you are entitled to 28 days’ holiday per year inclusive of bank holidays. Under the terms of the Agency Worker Regulations 2010, when out on assignment through Focus Resourcing, after the 12 week qualifying period is completed, you will be entitled to the same holiday as permanent employees in the company you are working at. Please see our Agency Worker Regulations guidelines for more information.

When will my P45 be issued?

Once you complete an assignment, your P45 will be issued with your final payslip, unless you are about to start a new assignment with Focus Resourcing, in which case we would wait until that assignment has finished.

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